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From OUR Linguistics

We want our translations to be perceived from the reader as the original text. The feeling and sense of the translation is in alignment with the original document and the context of the text. We allow only positive surprises. 

We translate from scientific, financial and legal texts to literature and advertising documents and we localise software and websites. We use experts in the language pair and the subject of the translation. Proofreading is always done before any delivery to ensure a second view check.

We keep our rates very competitive and we invite you to send us your text for a free quotation. We would like to be a part of your success story.  

Our Translation Services

Document Translation

Reliable and accurate high quality translation from experts translating only to their mother language. The translators have postgraduate level studies on the subject to be translated to ensure correct terminology.

Proofreading and Editing

All the documents translated by our company are proofread by a linguist expert in the language pair to ensure correctness and a second view from the prespective of the language.

Certified translation

We can officially offer certified translations to Greek Language according to the Greek Law for any official use. Please enquire for the language pairs.

Software localization

Reliable and specific software localization under the instructions of IT experts for easy adaptability to the software requirements

Website localization

We translate and localize Websites, keeping the form and style aligned with the original. We can translate and insert the text directly inside popular CMS for saving work from your developers.

Scientific translation for patent validation

Translation from experts in the subject matter of the patent in order to give the exact meaning of the text. Proofreading from Patent Attorney to ensure support of the claims from the description and no narrowing of the subject matter claimed in the translated form.