A Few words from THE CEO

Our work and passion is to protect innovative ideas and projects and to help you create money from them.

We are a team of smart attorneys, high calibre scientists, technical experts and financial managers , unique in Greece, committed to promoting and protecting innovation.  We would like to be a part of your success story.  

Euglottia is among the very few companies in Greece and in Europe offering evaluation and valuation of patents and technology combining the skills of patent attorneys and financial experts. It is a member of the two top scientific clusters in Greece (Hellenic Photonic Cluster and Hellenic Bio Cluster).

We invite you to discuss with us your ideas, your  innovations,  your expectations and your fears so we can propose you the best strategy to achieve your goals. Our services extend beyond of a legal or of a financial office by offering a full support approach for all the needs of your innovative company.

Dr. Konstantinos Vavekis, European Patent Attorney

Konstantinos Vavekis is an experienced European Patent Attorney with significant expertise in the exploitation of the research results, in IPR and project management, in technology and company valuation, in advisory services and team leading. He is also a licensed Chemist and a A class tax and financial accountant.

He has more than 20 years of professional experience in consulting, in financial management and company planning. His strongest point is passion and love for his profession.

Dr Vavekis studies include a B.Sc. in Chemistry, a PhD in Chemical Physics from UK, a Master in Accounting and Finance and an International MBA. 

He has also professional postgraduate studies for patent litigation in CEIPI, France for future representation in Unitary Patent Court and his  preparation for the EQE was at EPO (Munich), CEIPI (Strasbourg), Delta Patents and the University of Maastrich (Netherlands). 

He has worked at the EPO (European Patent Office) as Practika intern , and has hosted a Patent Examiner from EPO as Practika extern.IPR