We ARE the experts

We have the right mix of People

We want to protect your inventions with solid patents that will withstand any opposition action in any court. We are from the very few companies in Greece (4-5 in total according to EPO https://www.epo.org/learning-events/eqe/successful-candidates.html) with EQE (European qualifying examination) qualified European Patent Attorney with  technical qualifications (PhD level) and we know how to draft, to oppose and to defend Patents in Europe. Our academic advisors ensure the  scientific merits of our documents while the lawyers members of our team plan the best litigation strategy.  Our main focus areas are Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Artifficial Intelligence, Software, Physics, Materials, Polymers, Chemical Engineering, Agrofood tech. We expand our  expertise in mechanics by using our external partners. We have high expertise on SPCs for our pharma and agro clients. We cover all IP protection types including trademarks, industrial design and copyrights.

We are invaluable partners in H2020 consortiums, by increasing multiple times the impact of the projects, by taking care of the IP protection of the results of the projects for all consortium members,  by organizing events and scientific activities and by delivering innovative results in specific scientific fields. We are very experienced in preparing and writing proposals with high success rates.

We are experts in European Patent validation. We guarantee high quality translation of patents that covers every aspect of the original text, we translate the claims in the correct way to be in accordance with the description and to avoid any narrowing from the original language. The translations are conducted by a scientist in the field while the review is done by a patent attorney. We avoid the middlemen to offer very competitive rates with the highest quality. 

We invite you to discuss with us your invention so we can propose you, the best solution. We would like to be a part of your success story.  

Our IPR Services

Patent Drafting

We can draft your patent to safeguard your invention. We will collaborate with the inventor and we can use our experts for further scientific insights. We cover national patents, European Patents and PCT applications and we expand to USA, China and other European countries through our collaborators.

IP litigation

We can stop infringement and we can follow the best legal procedures in Europe to protect your assets. We can also help you in defending your position and nullify not solid patents that restrict your activities.

Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs

Our very experienced legal team can help you protect your Trademarks, Copyrights and Designs in Greece and Europe.

H2020 collaboration

We can be your IP and scientific partner in H2020 projects. The inclusion of an IP firm with European Patent attorney firm that ensures the protection of the IP outcome of all the partners strengthens the proposals and achieves higher pass rates. We can also participate in many work packages for achieving high impact and excellent implementation of the projects.

Patent Validation

We know how to validate European patents in Greece. Our translation are reviewed by a patent attorney to ensure no narrowing of the scope of the claims and support of the description. Our legal practitioners ensures the certification of the translation and the filing to Greek National Office.


We can help you with your medical inventions. We know how to handle and protect through Supplementary Protection Certificates in Greece and in Europe.