IP Legal and Financial Services

We help our clients protect, leverage and monetise their innovations around the world

Our main Services

IP Protection

Patent drafting from EQE qualified European Patent Attorney. High scientific expertise in IT, Chemistry, Physics and Pharma

Patent Validation

Fast and accurate validations of European Patents in the Greek National Office (OBI)

IP Litigation

We can defend the IP of our clients and we can protect their rights against potential infringers


High quality translations in Legal, Financial, Scientific, and Marketing texts.

Financial - Tax accounting

Accounting bookkeeping and tax planning for all size companies. We advise how to save tax from your innovations.

H2020 partner

A highly reliable experienced partner in H2020 consortiums. We look for collaborations in H2020 and national programmes

About our Firm

Our company is one of the most renowned practices in Greece and focuses on the entire spectrum of intellectual property law and its financial exploitation. We draft, litigate and valuate patents. We offer advising and litigation services in all the fields of IP, including trademark law, design law and copyright.

We have high experience in participating as partners in H2020 programmes. We can advice and manage the IPR of a consortium, we can draft and file the patents we can help in valuating and commercialising the outcome. We are invaluable partners as our involvement increases the impact of the project multiple times .

The most important pillar of our company is  patent law. Our main founder is one of the few EQE qualified European Patent Attorney in Greece, with a PhD in life sciences able to understand and protect technical matters. We have high expertise and we are active in all areas of technology, such as computer software, mechanics, chemistry, biochemistry, chemical  engineering through our in-house experts and our external collaborators, especially for clients in the IT, life sciences and pharma sectors. We are strong in prosecution practice in Greece through our expert lawyers, and in the European framework through our  international network of collaborator lawyers.

We offer specialised consultancy services, using our in-depth intellectual property and innovation expertise to give added value specifically tailored for start-up companies, particularly very early stage start-ups. We help them in their first steps by covering all their legal, accounting and marketing needs. Investors give emphasis on their current IP situation, the rights they have, and their strategic plans for deriving value and protecting their  innovations, both those that are already developed but also those that are in the development pipeline.

We provide reliable and accurate translations and we combine our technical, legal and linguistic expertise for high quality European patent validations. We are member of Hellenic Photonics Cluster and of Hellenic Bio Cluster.

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